Nothing's Like it Should Be

A drummer from New Orleans took the Pope's orb and staff
And he gave them both quite generously to a twenty foot giraffe
Who resented that he'd no capacity to laugh
All because he say the irony

Poets ride in darkness at the state fair tonight
Hoping on the tilt-a-whirl the words they say are right
But in fact it's mostly guess work and carnival delight
For a psychic's will is never truly free

Aboriginal tribesmen who migrated to the east
Had a pocket full of herring bones and Vivaldi's baby teeth
Took their script to Hollywood in search of Brian Keith
For isn't judgment just our destiny

Jesus kissed his mom good-bye and took his cross to bear
Got directions in a mini-mart and tried to bum cab fare
Said Judas "Trust me Bubala, you got the lion's share"
And then he went on a wild shopping spree

Nothing's like it should be
Nothing's like it seems
Nothing's like it could be
Even in my dreams

Happiness it once was said lies buried in a marsh
The more you try to dig it up the more it's just a farce
Soon you're waist deep in slime and smelling rather harsh
But at least there was a lesson to be learned

Once I loved a woman but she kicked me in the throat
Had adjoining cabins on the libido deck but she pushed me off the boat
When she ate without me at the captain's table it really got my goat
I never thought I'd ever be spurned

Bitterness becomes me it makes me all aglow
I'm self-actualized enough to go to concerts alone
I know no one's missing me or calling me on the phone
Mazlow's tides have definitely turned

A large blond headed ambassador came walking in the bar
Scouting for women he deemed up to par
Took a couple 'neath is suspenders, took them out but not too far
And then he took what he rightfully had earned


Neil and Ed and Armand want to give me twenty bucks
So I can keep on telling you everything that sucks
But a Carolina bastion said the paperwork is stuck
I've learned to get used to disappointment

Sometimes in my room at night I think that I'm the voice
But I never seen the midwest didn't go when I had the choice
Opted to stay home and play with my crucial toys
I hope I didn't miss my anointment

When Hiawatha's ponytail had vanished in despair
He grabbed a fifth of JD and sat down with Running Bear
At 4:00, do you smell that there's genocide in the air
They got reservations they don't need appointments.

Sweet green thang on Liberty Island holds a golden torch
Used to welcome huddled masses that teamed up on her porch
Now we'd rather pack them up and ship them back and forth
I think that we've forgotten what the point meant